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Aug 25, 2022

SOOO excited to welcome Rob Seidner back to the podcast. While working at the Office of Management and Budget, he explained how the rules for civil service really suck. The history lesson helped us understand WHY they suck.You can listen to that episode at this link.

Rob recently transitioned to a job outside government. He talks about why that was a difficult decision and why the mission of his current employer drew him in. EdX, where Rob serves as the director for government partnerships, works to democratize learning. MAJOR colleges and universities use this platform to offer micro degree and upskilling opportunities that cost WAY less than in-person degree programs. If you're a federal agency/department training lead or a manager/employee looking for an easy way to get access to great content feds can use to uplevel, you need to talk to Rob. On this platform, you can take individual classes, work toward professional certificates and more.

And no, this isn't an ad.

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