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Welcome to the FedUpward podcast, where federal civil servants can find inspiration, motivation and practical tips to survive the bureaucracy. Join the community to share best practices and strategies so we can all do our jobs better, serve our agencies and departments well and do our best for citizens.

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Mar 29, 2023

If you're a federal employee with ADHD, work with one, supervise one, (or like me, your household includes loved ones with ADHD), this episode is for you. ADHD can be a challenge, AND a superpower. Enter Elle O'Flaherty who provides tips and advice on how to provide support when appropriate, and better understand what ADHD is and isn't.

Elle spent many years working as a federal employee before transitioning to full time coaching and training. Following a 17+ year legal career and certifications in ICF-accredited executive, ADHD, and career coaching, Elle founded her coaching firm, Interlace Solutions, dedicated to tapping into clients’ potential to accelerate their achievement. She coaches executives, executive teams, and professionals with a subspecialty in ADHD coaching. Clients partner with her on leadership, productivity, executive function, workplace culture, prioritization, organization, and building upon ADHD strengths, among many others. 

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