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Feb 9, 2020

Jamie Jones Miller, who until last month served as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs, walked me through her strategies for successful comms with Congress. She recently transitioned to The Roosevelt Group as a senior advisor. She discussed how we in the executive branch can establish closer relationships with our legislative counterparts, provide timely, appropriate responses and maintain enthusiasm in a tough career field. Jamie's well-spoken, well-respected and great at her job, which is why The Roosevelt Group chose her for their team.

Here's The Roosevelt Group's mission information: The Roosevelt Group is a bipartisan organization offering its skills and expertise in advocacy, consulting, business development, and strategic communications to clients in the defense, security, and intelligence sectors. Located on the doorstep of the United States Capitol, with over 100 years of combined political and military experience, and armed with a commitment to working hard at work worth doing, The Roosevelt Group will move your organization’s initiatives from the early planning phases to the successful accomplishments. We help clients achieve their business, legislative and policy goals through a collaborative, hands-on approach to government relations.

She mentioned resources we should all be using and I threw in a couple of my own: For classes on legislative affairs  (How a Bill Becomes a Law - Schoolhouse Rock)