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Feb 5, 2020

During the last long furlough, Jason Coleman, a federal employee, decided he wanted to take the disparate resources that kept popping up with different offers of help for feds and make them available to a broader audience. He created FedFam Inc. They have a 17,000+ member Facebook group where you can get just about any question answered. There are also state level Facebook groups that can offer geographically specific info. I've found it super helpful. 

During our interview, Jason describes his journey creating the group and the surprising realization that many furloughed feds were not only missing their paychecks, but also the socialization that goes along with work and belonging to a team. 

Check out his webiste and definitely join the Facebook group.

As feds, we're lucky to have Jason as an advocate who cares deeply about our ability to connect with each other and send positive messages into the community about the work we do.