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Oct 25, 2023

Meet Steve Goodrich. He's the author of Transforming Government from Congress to the Cubicle, CEO at The Center for Organizational Excellence, and a board members for the Shared Services Leadership Coalition.

In this episode, he describes his book (which you can purchase here) and how you can get involved in the Shared Services Leadership Coalition, which brings together government and industry leaders to find cost-saving solutions for the service you and your teams provide.

More about the SSLC:

SSLC’s Definition of Shared Services
SSLC defines “shared services” as the transformation of service delivery in the Federal Government through implementation of standardized, scalable capabilities, services, and technologies that improve government operations and allow agencies to focus on mission, while enhancing employee and customer experience in a secure and efficient environment.

SSLC’s Mission Statement
SSLC’s mission is to support accelerated implementation of shared services in government by: (1) educating the government about how shared services work and deliver value to employees and citizens; (2) providing technical assistance to help government modernize successfully; and (3) advocating policies to accelerate shared services modernization. 

SSLC Goal Statement
SSLC’s goal is to promote and facilitate accelerated implementation of shared services and related modernization initiatives in service of the President’s Management Agenda objectives of strengthening and empowering the Federal workforce, delivering excellent, equitable, and secure Federal services and customer experience, and managing the business of government to build back better.

Value Proposition for Participation in SSLC Activities  
SSLC is a community of government and industry leaders who share a passion for accelerating the pace of shared services implementation and government modernization.  SSLC provides opportunities for leaders to build relationships, learn from each other and become shared services evangelists, thereby creating through their combined efforts a force multiplier for cultural change necessary to sustain government-wide transformation.